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Family Polioptilidae: A family of passerine birds commonly known as "Gnatcatchers". All gnatcatchers are native to the New World, being found in both North and South America. Gnatcatchers are close relatives of the wrens and some species are known as "Gnatwrens".

Image: Erikwlyon


Helmeted Hornbill

 (Rhinoplax vigil

the helmeted hornbill is one of the larger members of the hornbill family (Bucerotidae) growing up to 47 in long (+20 in with their long tail which is unusual in hornbills). This species has a rather large bare throat patch (red in males and blue in females) and a big casque which unlike in other hornbills is solid and makes up 10% of the birds body weight. these oddities place this bird in the genus Rhinoplax all by itself. this species is endemic to Sumatra and Borneo.



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