Hi, I'm Andrew and I’m just a simple 19 year old guy and zoology student that posts random factoids about obscure animals and general animal science/zoology/biology stuff so if you like animals this is the place for you, if you only like cute animals this is not the place for you… Also I can ID any animals you might need identified (just submit them to me).

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Family Callidulidae: An unusual family of moths known as "Old World Butterfly-moths. Callidulids are a family of butterfly like moths which are distributed throughout southeast Asia and Oceania. Callidulids can exhibit both day and night flying behavior and typically hold their wings over thier backs like butterflies. Thier closest relatives are know truly known but they are thought to be close to hook-tip and geometer moths.

Image: L. Shyamal


Genus Tremoctopus

(Blanket Octopuses)

(not octopi octopuses is correct when referring to different species)

Blanket octopuses are a genus of pelagic (open water) octopuses that live in most tropical oceans. They get the name blanket due to the fact that the females have long webbing on their tentacles which looks like a blanket. These species exhibit extreme sexual dimorphism as the females are alot bigger than males and have the webbing, whereas males are a few centimeters long and have no webbing. This webbing is used as a defense mechanism, when a predator approaches the female she unveils her webbing making her look alot bigger. They also have the Badass property of being immune to the Portuguese man o war’s toxin and actually rip off their tentacles and use them for defensive purposes.



Image 1 Source, Image 2 Source.

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