Hi, I'm Andrew and I’m just a simple 19 year old guy and zoology student that posts random factoids about obscure animals and general animal science/zoology/biology stuff so if you like animals this is the place for you, if you only like cute animals this is not the place for you… Also I can ID any animals you might need identified (just submit them to me).

Disclamer: none of the pictures are mine unless stated

Family Polioptilidae: A family of passerine birds commonly known as "Gnatcatchers". All gnatcatchers are native to the New World, being found in both North and South America. Gnatcatchers are close relatives of the wrens and some species are known as "Gnatwrens".

Image: Erikwlyon


Cannonball Jellyfish (Stomolophus meleagris)

Also known as the cabbage head jellyfish, the cannonball jellyfish is a species of jellyfish found from the eastern seaboard of North America all the way down to Brazil, with some populations found throughout the Pacific as well. Like other jellyfish the cannonball feeds mostly on zooplankton that it dispatches with its stinging nematocysts. The Cannonball also has a symbiotic relationship with L.dubia the Longnose Spider Crab (and a few fish/crab species)which resides on the jelly and feeds on passing zooplankton and sometimes the jelly itself. Like all jellyfish the cannonball jellyfish does sting and can cause immense pain in humans,  it also has a mucus that it releases though its nematocysts as well, this mucus has a toxin that when released harms animals in the immediate area. This is used to stun prey and drive away predators and can be dangerous for humans as it can cause cardiac problems.



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